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Mike Wilson
Director of Technology
Gabe Theiss
Title IX Coordinator
(229) 937-0560
Jodie Leeder
Title IX Coordinator
(229) 937-0550
Gina Kirby
Finance Director
Sheila Devane
Payroll, School Nutrition Bookkeeper
229-937-2405 x 226
Faye Womack
Human Resources, Accounts Payable
229-937-2405 x 228
Kayreen Rigsby
Receptionist, Enrollment
229-937-2405 x 221
David Bond
ADEA Coordinator
Tim Whitt
Director of Facilities, ADA Facilities Coordinator
229-937-2405 x 222
Carey Wooten
Title VI, VII Coordinator, System Testing Coordinator
(229) 937-2405
Jim Langley
HR, Curriculum, CTAE, Title I, II, IV, V
(229) 937-2405
Jamie Sellars
Director of Student Services, Section 504, ADA Coordinator
(229) 937-2405
Brian Hall