A student may be referred for consideration by teachers, administrators, parents, counselors, peers, self, and other individuals with the knowledge of the student's abilities. All referrals are reviewed by the local Gifted Eligibility Team (GET) to consider if existing information warrants a formal evaluation for eligibility. Parental consent must be obtained before any testing can occur.


Any student who meets the Georgia eligibility criteria for the gifted education program are considered eligible to receive gifted services in Schley County upon verification of records. The student's previous eligibility records must be attached to the SCSS Eligibility Report. Transfer students who qualify for services in Schley County Schools, but whose performance does not meet Schley's continuation criteria, may begin gifted services on probation.

Note: Students may not be scheduled into the gifted classes until eligibility has been verified and parent permission has been obtained.


A student served by the gifted program in schools out-of-state is also immediately referred for consideration. Georgia State requirements, however, must be met in order for the student to receive services within the state of Georgia.

Parents are encouraged to share information about the student who will receive gifted services when they enroll their child.