Jodie Leeder, Director of Student Services

Carey Wooten, Gifted Coordinator

Schley County School System

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Gifted Education - Eligibility

Gifted Education - Referrals


Schley County School System is dedicated to the belief that every student has the right to an education that provides opportunities for the maximum development of his/her potential. We recognize that some students in our schools have capabilities that are beyond those of their age peers. The school system encourages, fosters, and supports educational efforts that meet provisions for the special needs of gifted learners. Gifted students are entitled to a differentiated curriculum consisting of courses of study in which the content, teaching strategies and expectations of student mastery are appropriately modified to further develop students’ strengths and provide them with opportunities to reach their fullest potential. In accordance with this philosophy, Schley County Schools provide a variety of programming options for gifted students in grades K-12.

The Schley County School System determines that students are eligible for gifted education services in compliance with the definition found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (20-2-152), Georgia State Board of Education (SBOE) Rule 160-4-2-.38 EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR GIFTED STUDENTS and the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) Resource Manual for Gifted Education Services: A gifted student is defined as one who demonstrates a high degree of intellectual and/or creative ability(ies), exhibits an exceptionally high degree of motivation, and/or excels in specific academic fields, and who needs special instruction and/or special ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with his or her abilities. A multiple criteria assessment process is used to evaluate student eligibility for gifted services based on evaluations of academic achievement, mental ability, creativity, and motivation.