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Schley, about 16 hours ago

Please read the information below: Covid 19 Guidance • If you come in contact with someone that is a confirmed covid positive person, and you meet the standard of less than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes ----- Stay at home 14 days. You are considered a close contact and should quarantine 14 days. Testing will not change the need for continued quarantine. It is not suggested that you test immediately and an early negative may only mean you are not positive at that time. Symptoms may not appear early. • If you have a reason to be tested and are awaiting testing ----- Stay at home until you have test results. You will be advised from the health care professional what to do next based on test results. • If you have fever ----- Stay at home. You must be fever free for 24 hrs without the aid of fever reducing medications. • If any household member is covid positive ----- Stay at home. This is a household exposure and a 14 day quarantine. If other members become positive during this time, the time frame changes. Consult your local health department or health official for further guidance. • If a family member has serious symptoms i.e. a high fever overnight, err on the side of caution and keep exposed siblings at home until you have the condition relieved or diagnosed. • If a family member is quarantined for a close contact exposure, you must monitor that person for any symptoms. As long as the quarantined close contact individual has no symptoms, other household members are not quarantined. It is important to try and maintain distance within the home. This also means wearing a face covering/ mask is a good measure.

Brian Hall

Brian Hall, about 19 hours ago

Locations for internet "hotspots" were tested yesterday. We are in the process of installing them today. As we get them up and going, we will update everyone as to the locations for service as well as access logins. We very much appreciate the community partners that have allowed us to locate the Wifi Rangers on their property.

Web Admin

Web Admin, about 21 hours ago

Dear Parents, In light of the recent closure of our schools, and because many of you have requested an opportunity to reconsider online learning, we are re-opening registration for our virtual program, Edgenuity. If you choose this option for your child(ren), you must commit to this program for nine weeks for elementary students and the entire first semester for middle and high school students. Our bus drivers will also be providing hot spots for Wi-Fi connections in remote areas during school hours August 13-25. We will begin posting those locations in order for students to have access points. Passwords will be emailed directly to student accounts. If you need further help with this please message or call 229-937-2405. Hotspots at each school and the Board of Education are available now. An application for virtual learning can be found on the district and school websites or by following this link: The deadline for returning these applications is August 19, 2020, at 4:00 p.m. You may begin turning those applications in today, and each day, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the Board of Education, or you may email them to

Web Admin

Web Admin, 2 days ago

Schley County Nutrition Department will provide meals to all students for the next 14 days. Students will be charged according to their Free & Reduced status. You may order meals at or at your school web page under School Nutrition, Meal order for virtual school. Orders will need to be placed by 9 am each day.

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