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What is Child Find?

The Schley County School System has an obligation, under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), to

•Have a process in place in order to locate, identify, and evaluate for suspected disabilities, all students with disabilities residing within the district who are in need of special education and related services from birth through 21 years, regardless of the severity of their disability.
•Ensure that the public understands the school system’s Child Find procedures
•Provide staff development for school personnel regarding implementing the State Board Rule.

The Schley County School System currently serves children, ages 3 through 21, with identified special education needs.

Child Find efforts include children who are:

• Homeless
• Highly mobile
• Wards of the state
• Detained or incarcerated in jails or correctional facilities
• Parentally-placed in private schools or home schools

The Referral Process

A referral may be made by anyone who has a concern about a child’s development. All referrals are considered confidential. The parent retains the right to refuse services. Children may be referred by any of the following:

Parents/legal guardians/foster parents

Other family members

Others who are concerned about a child’s development

Private school personnel

Community agencies

School system personnel

Daycare providers

Preschool programs/Head Start

Physicians/health care providers

A child should be referred when:

•A health or medical disorder interferes with development or learning
•A child seems to have difficulty seeing or hearing
•A child appears to have social, emotional or behavioral difficulties that affect his/her ability to learn
•A child has diagnosed progressive or degenerative condition may impair or impede the child's ability to learn
•A child seems to have difficulty understanding directions like others that are his/her age
•A child’s speech is not understandable to family or friends
•A child has difficulty with reading, math, or other school subjects

Birth through age 3:

Referrals forwarded to a representative from The Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) Early Intervention Program for screening and possible progress monitoring.

Ages 3 through 5:

Referrals forwarded to Partners in the Early Education of Children with Handicaps (PEECH) Program for screening, the implementation of interventions, and progress monitoring of those interventions, and possible comprehensive evaluation.

Ages 6 through 21:

Referrals are accompanied by Student Support Team (SST) documentation of scientific, research or evidence-based academic or behavioral interventions that have been implemented as designed for the appropriate period of time to show effect or lack of effect that demonstrates the child is not making sufficient rate of progress to meet age or State-approved grade-level standards within a reasonable time frame. Comprehensive evaluations must be considered to determine special education eligibility. 

In ALL cases, written parental consent must be obtained prior to screening or evaluation. 

For more information, please click HERE, or call the Schley County Board of Education at (229) 937-2405.