Covid 19

Beginning Year Protocols for 2021-22 (Updated 8/12/21)

Masks- All students and staff are encouraged, but not required, to wear masks while inside or among large groups where spacing is limited. Masks are required on school buses.

Facility- All classrooms are equipped with air purification systems, as well as large group commons areas. Increased cleaning efforts will be maintained throughout the building, play area, and buses.

Notifications- Parents will be notified via phone/email/ letter if a positive case occurs within the classroom setting. All notifications should signal immediate monitoring of symptoms by parents.

Quarantines/ Isolations- Each school will notify parents/ staff promptly when direct exposure has occurred and a person is determined as a close contact. Quarantines will be set by current DPH guidance in cooperation with the Department of Public Health. A quarantine can end after day 10 without testing and if no symptoms have been observed in daily monitoring. A quarantine may also end if the close contact elects to test after day 5 from the exposure event. With a negative test and no symptoms, the quarantine may be discontinued after 7 days.

Positive cases- We ask that students or staff notify the school if a positive test is registered. Students or staff that become positive must stay home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms and follow the guidance of their physician. If any situation warrants testing for Covid, the student should not return to school while awaiting results.

Other precautions- Cohort groupings will be maintained as much as possible for the beginning of the year. Efforts will be made to limit mass group class changes for classes and arrival/ dismissal.

****Parents are encouraged to utilize the calculator from the Georgia Department of Public Health (COVID Quarantine Calculator | Georgia Department of Public Health) to determine the appropriate number of days for quarantines or isolations.

****Protocols are issued as initial guidance and will be subject to change as warranted by future guidance.