Course Syllabus

Life Science

Teacher:Coach Blocker

Supplies needed:


Black ink Pens

4 Composition notebooks

(Supplies below will be given to Coach Blocker)

1 box of Kleenex tissue Color pencils (12 pack)

1 bottle of Elmer’s glue 1 pack notebook paper

1 Yellow highlighter 1 small pencil sharpener


The nine week average will be figured based on the following percentages.

Daily, quiz, and test grades = 90%

9 week exam = 10%


Students are expected to be prepared to work every day. This means the students should have all necessary supplies for completing classroom work assignments in class. All homework assignments will be completed at home before coming to school the next day, and reading assignments with notes will bestudiedand organized in their journals. Students missing supplies or homework assignments will receive a white letter for the first offense, but repeated problems will result in other disciplinary action (i.e. parent conference, disciplinary referral, I.S.S., etc.).

Students will be expected to keep organized journals for each standard all year. All graded materials, notes, vocabulary, homework, diagrams, and practice assignments will be kept in their journals. This will assure necessary information is with them in class and at home every day. Also, information from my website is expected to be printed or written into students' journals (i.e. outlines, PowerPoints, etc.).

If a student is absent from school, it is the students’ responsibility to see the teachers the morning they return to inquire about missed assignments. Students with unexcused absences are not allowed to make-up graded assignments. Assignments not made-up and/or missing assignments because of an unexcused absence are recorded as zeros.

Reading and studying the night before class is mandatory! Study should focus on understanding the how and why of concepts presented in class. Students should be able to discuss concepts in class using proper scientific vocabulary.

All students are expected to add to class discussions and answer teacher questions in class. Students are expected to take good notes and listendiligentlyin class. This means students must keep up with their daily studying of science information. Participating in class makes studying much easier for the students, as they are more likely to remember ideas and concepts they have discussed with the teacher and classmates. Simply memorizing facts is not a successful strategy for class. Again, students should study to understand ideas and concepts, apply knowledge, and analyze data. Students should be prepared to answer how/why, compare/contrast, and describe/explain type questions.

Cell Phone Policy:

Students should not have cell phones with them in class. If cell phones disrupt class or are seen, the phone will be taken. The phone will be returned after school for the first incident. Repeated incidents will result in disciplinary action.



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