Schley County Elementary’s first Honor’s Day for this school year was held on  October 27, 2022.  Awards were given for Honor Roll and Cat Character.  Honor Roll categories are: Principal’s Honor Roll (95 or above in each major subject), and SCE Honor Roll (90 or above in each major subject)  Two students were selected from each grade to be awarded the Cat Character award.  Cat Characters are students who consistently put themselves second.

Way to go students of Schley County Elementary! We are so very proud of ALL of our students, their hard work, and dedication to excellence! Many thanks also to our incredible support team (parents, grandparents, and our community)! We truly appreciate YOU and ALL that you do to support our school! We are thankful YOU are a part of SCE! 

First Grade Principal's Honor Roll

First Grade SCE Honor Roll

Second Grade Principal's Honor Roll

Second Grade SCE Honor Roll

Third Grade Principal's Honor Roll

Third Grade SCE Honor Roll

Fourth Grade Principal's Honor Roll

Fourth Grade SCE Honor Roll

Fifth Grade Principal's Honor Roll

Fifth Grade SCE Honor Roll

First-Fifth Grade Cat Characters