1st grade gold

Schley County Elementary Honor’s Day was held on May 18th in our school’s gymnasium. Some of the areas our students were recognized in were: academic achievements, citizenship, and for meeting grade level goals in Reading and Math. Students who achieved a 95% in each of the five major subjects throughout the year received Gold Honor Roll. Silver Honor Roll recipients achieved a 90% in each major subject throughout the year. Students who achieved an overall average of 90% for the year, in the five major subjects received Bronze Honor Roll.

We are tremendously proud of EACH OF OUR SCE STUDENTS, and appreciate their hard work this year. We also thank and appreciate our parents and community for supporting and helping our students grow in all areas…and exhibit the character of an SCE Wildcat!

1st Grade Gold Honor Roll

1st Grade Silver Honor Roll

1st Grade Bronze Honor Roll

2nd Grade Gold Honor Roll

2nd Grade Silver Honor Roll

2nd Grade Bronze Honor Roll

3rd Grade Gold Honor Roll

3rd Grade Silver Honor Roll

3rd Grade Bronze Honor Roll

4th Grade Gold Honor Roll

4th Grade Silver Honor Roll

4th Grade Bronze Honor Roll

5th Grade Gold Honor Roll

5th Grade Silver Honor Roll

5th Grade Bronze Honor Roll