Schley County Schools' Virtual Learning Program

1. Will the teachers be from Schley County or from Edgenuity?

      Kindergarten-5th grade students will have some support from Schley teachers. Grades 6-12 will work solely with Edgenuity teachers.

2. Is daily attendance required if students are meeting all of their goals?

      Daily attendance is required with an Infinite Campus check in.

3. May students work ahead of the pace set by Edgenuity?

      Working ahead is an option. Progress reports detail actual progress for each subject.

4. May students in virtual learning still participate in extra-curricular activities?

      Virtual learning students may participate in extracurricular activities.

5. If we want to continue with virtual learning the second 9 weeks, may we?


6. For students utilizing virtual learning, how will it be decided when/if they return to school?

      K-5 virtual learning students may return at the end of the first 9 weeks, in October. Grades 6-12 may return after the winter break, in January.

7. May we use an iPad?

     Yes, or you may request a device from the school system.

8. Do students have to work from 9-3, or is there freedom in the time ranges they work?

      A structured scheduled day to mirror the school day is suggested to facilitate transition back to school. Daily attendance will have an Infinite Campus check-in. Edgenuity has instructors and options available for Saturday work and help when students miss time and/or days during the week.

9. What about classes like art, drama, and nutrition?

       For grades K-8, the instruction is for core academics only. Edgenuity’s high school (9-12) curriculum has a wide variety of courses.

10. If my high school student is on virtual, may I still enroll my elementary students in traditional school?

        Yes. You may choose different options for children within the same household.

11. Will laptops be provided?

        All students in grades 3-9 have assigned laptops. For all other grades, a device may be requested.

12. What will happen if we find out our Internet will not accommodate Edgenuity?

         Before you sign the commitment letter, you must verify your Internet service capabilities. Without appropriate connectivity, Edgenuity is not available.

13. Will students be able to continue with virtual leaning for the second semester, even if COVID conditions improve?

         No decisions for the second semester have been made at this time.

14. When and where do I pick up laptops for my children, who are in 4th, 7th, and 9th grades?

         We will set a date and time once we have a commitment letter. Please indicate at the bottom of your letter that you will need laptops.

15. Will high school students need to make schedule changes with Mrs. Hagerson if they are taking different courses on Edgenuity than what is on their schedule?

         All schedule changes will go through Mrs. Hagerson if your current schedule cannot be accommodated by Edgenuity.

16. What if students are not doing well on Edgenuity?

         Edgenuity does have safeguards for additional supports and tutoring. Instructors are available on Saturdays, via the platform.

17. How will contact be made with Schley teachers who are assisting?

        Schley teachers will communicate through the Edgenuity platform and will communicate by phone and email.

18. What if my child is sick and unable to work on any given day?

        This will be the same as in person instruction. Work will be expected to be completed once they feel better.

19. Can students work on Edgenuity on the weekends?


20. May we email our commitment, or do we need to bring it to the Board Office?

         You may scan the signed letter and email it to wildcathelp@schleyk12.org., mail or drop it by the Board Office.

21. Is there a sample Edgenuity lesson we can try?

        Yes. Please look at the links provided on the Schley County Schools website. You may also visit edgenuity.com to see samples.

22. Does Edgenuity require more bandwidth?

         Minimum system requirements for Network and speed connection include Internet access of 384 kbps per concurrent user and Wi-Fi with 54 mbps access points or better. You can verify your internet connection speed at http://www.speedtest.net. If necessary, you might consider asking your provider for an upgrade.

23. I have three children in Schley County schools; would they all be required to be logged on simultaneously, or would they be able to complete their work throughout the day, taking turns?

         The only requirement in this case would be the login for attendance. We believe that a suitable schedule should be made and followed to ensure progress. The Edgenuity platform is available for use 24 hours a day.